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Remus Petroleum is an upstream exploration and production division of privately owned and managed Remus Corporation.

Remus Corporation is an investor in assets, companies and people across the energy industry and related sectors. It applies robust selection criteria and a long-term horizon to its target investments, with a dedication to unlocking their full life-cycle potential.

Remus seeks to generate economic and social value for all its stakeholders through a sustainable investment portfolio. Its rapidly-growing management and advisory teams bring many decades of world class expertise to asset scouting, evaluation, financing and development. Above all, Remus is committed to safe, responsible and sustainable working practices, as an investor, partner and operator.

Our senior management team is made up of nearly 30 high-profile professionals with collective proven expertise of more than 500-man years in energy project investments, development, and management. Their careers span four decades working with major oil companies in 20 countries across four continents with collective responsibility for assets worth at least $100 billion.

We are planning operational  activities in UK, Europe, Africa and Latin America, with our Head office based in London.

We envisage that growing assets and revenues from the energy sector will underwrite our social investment strategy in selected countries.

A combination of our long-term development plans and entrepreneurial skills enables the creation of a sustainable future to meet our unique humanitarian goals.

Our Vision

In Remus our vision is: “We make a living by what we earn, we make a life by what we give”.

We aim to develop a portfolio of exploration and production assets to fund our global social agenda.

As a socially responsible business with a sustainable business model, Remus is aiming to develop a pilot social investment programme “Natural Resources for Healthcare” in collaboration with national governments and local communities of the countries where we will develop natural resources assets and utilise a portion of profits from the development of these reserves to fund this programme.

Executive Team

Sath Kanagarajah
Chief Executive Officer

Yashodhan Sathe

Head of Mergers & Acquisitions

Billy McCallum

Regional Director UK and Europe

Jeremy Setter

Head of Geology

Remus Strategy

We are developing a balanced portfolio of petroleum assets. Focusing on producing assets with long term development potential in the North Sea, as well as a portfolio of production assets in Africa,  Latin America and other regions.


New Business Development Opportunities

Remus has identified multiple assets acquisition targets in Europe, Africa and Latin America and is actively engaged in negotiations to acquire producing assets to contribute towards our production targets. Only assets with medium to long term development potential will be considered, suitably de-risked and equitably priced.

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